Tick tock goes the clock... countdown to Ironfest 2018

It's the first of April... and you know what that means!

Only 3 short weeks till our annual sojourn to Lithgow to attend Ironfest 2018. Barely enough time to book in with the tailor, prepare my fancy threads and costume changes for one of the biggest events on the Steampunk calendar.

But fear not! I am ever prepared, and had some while ago commissioned a time-traveller's wristband from the Almost Lord Cowley of Leatherheds (and Facebook). The seed of which was gifted to me by the dashing Per den Stigandr in the form of a sundial compass wristband.

On a visit with Alex earlier in the year, I presented said wristband and gave free rein on the design, as long as it had lots of brass, copper and twiddly bits. The tyranny of distance from USERs' headquarters meant that it took some time before Per and I could return to Bellingen and pick up the finished product. But it was worthwhile the wait. The result speaks for itself; a wearable work of art!

Image borrowed from Alex Cowley (Leatherheds)

Our appointment with Alex to collect the wristband was but brief. He has much to do in preparation for his inaugural stall at Ironfest. We understand that he will be presenting his wares in the Pavilion. Lady Kat recommends a visit and bring your coin to spend, for it will be worth it!

Time-traveller's wristband created by Alex Cowley

What adventures we shall have!

What does this button do?

Inspecting Leatherheds' wares ready for Ironfest.


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