Do you know a Maker?

Are you, or do you know an amazing Steampunk Maker?  If so, then this post is for you.

The Unorthodox Society for the Elucidation of Retro-Futurism is seeking submissions to out "Meet your Maker...." series.  While we have quite a list of Makers that we know and want to include in this series, we are absolutely certain that there are many more out there  in Australia and New Zealand that we are not yet aware of.  As such we are seeking your assistance to discover these makers.

What we ask is that you grab a copy of the questions by;
  • copy the questions (below); or
  • downloading the pdf file linked at the bottom of this post.

Then it is just a case of getting the Maker to complete the questions and then sending in the answers along with any related images to;


Real Name:

Business/Band/Group Name:


Website/Facebook Page:

The questions we will pose to our Makers are;
1.    Please introduce yourself… who are you, where do you live, and what do you make? (Can you provide us with some images of your work to include in the blog post?)
2.    When / where did the love of your craft begin?
3.    When / where did your Steampunk journey begin?
4.    Do you have a Steampunk persona? Who are they, and what is their back story? (If possible can you please provide a photo of you in your persona?)
5.    What does Steampunk mean to you?
6.    Where do you find inspiration?
7.    What’s your most treasured Steampunk possession? Why? (Can you supply a photo?)
8.    Do you have favourite Steampunk musicians / groups / artists? Tell us about some of them?
9.    Do you have favourite Steampunk festivals / events / gatherings? Which ones? When and where?
10. Where can people see / buy your work? (Yes, some blatant self promotion please!)

Note: As we progress we may change or add to these questions if we think of new or better things to ask.


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